office attire on a budget

It’s surprising that I haven’t blogged about clothes yet, because I absolutely love them. Putting together an outfit that you can’t stop looking at in any and all reflective surfaces is always a great feeling.

Although I’m a fan of fashion I definitely don’t have the funds to wear any ‘labels’, but quite frankly you don’t need to be ‘wearing anyone’ in order to look good.

For example, in the below picture I’m wearing an outfit that made me feel fly all day for £35. That’s cheaper than a single pair of jeans in TopShop or River Island.


Dusty pink blazer
Size 8

Black long sleeved shirt
Size 10

Black high waisted skinny jeans
Size 10

And believe it or not, I’m completely kitted out in Primark clothing. As long as you have a good eye you can get a good outfit from just about anywhere. You can be wearing Fat Face head to toe and still look terrible if you don’t know what you’re doing; however you can look amazing in clothes sourced solely from charity shops if you do.

I paired this with some black Dr Martens with a pink flowery print on and felt awesome all day. Another variation of this outfit keep the black shirt and jeans with a red blazer (also from Primark, bought in the sale for about £10) and some cherry red Dr. Martens.

A black base with pops of colour, coordinated with your shoes or accessories, is such an easy way to look well put together. And it absolutely does not have to break the bank. The most expensive part of any of my outfits is always my docs, however I usually buy them from eBay so haven’t paid anywhere near full price for them!