high intensity interval training

Today I went on my first run with my boyfriend. We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about starting to exercise and buying the necessary clothing and running shoes.

We were fortunate enough to both get pairs of the same Karrimor Run shoes, which are really good quality running shoes with ‘intelligent technology’ for £18 down from £80, because they’ve been discontinued. The lady in the shop told us that she has a pair herself and the decrease in price is crazy because they’re such a good pair of trainers – they were selling them for £60 a matter of weeks ago.

We knew we were approaching this with a tight budget and we’re really lucky that we’ve managed to get some good gear very cheap.

Feeling pretty positive from this high, I looked up running for beginners. I wasn’t aware that my partner had done some running a few years ago but didn’t end up feeling like he made any progress because he hadn’t been training, he had just gone out running for ten minutes a few times a week.

I felt like we needed some direction and found a website, http://www.runnersworld.co uk, which has a schedule for running for beginners.


I’d done some high intensity interval training (HIIT) before in the form of jumping jacks for the workout and side stepping for the rest, so I knew the benefits of working out with high intensity for short bursts. He was slightly sceptical but did acknowledge that his running hadn’t gotten him anywhere before so this was worth a go.

He joked that with the intervals we’d have to be looking at our phones constantly so I went straight to the play store, searched for ‘running interval timers’ and there were loads. We both installed the first one, ‘HIIT Interval Training Timer’, and set it up with the timings for the first week in the schedule. I was sure to put a minute ‘prep time’ in so that I could force my phone, with the inch long headphone jack sticking out, into the unfeasibly tiny pocket on the back of my running leggings.

We got to the greenway, synchronised pressing start on the HIIT app, pressed play on our Spotify and got going. And we actually both really enjoyed it. Working in intervals is so much better because just as you start gasping for air the rest interval starts and you can catch your breath whilst walking, which is important as you’re also keeping your heart rate slightly elevated. It puts you good stead for the next running interval and really made a difference for me personally because I didn’t get to the helpless stage of thinking I was going to collapse and die, and that I can’t and won’t ever be able to work out well.

We both came back feeling good. My only problem though is that when I work out I feel like I should do it until I drop, and if I’m not dripping with sweat it wasn’t good enough or worth it. I’m trying to appreciate that doing HIIT training will result in working out more often and that it’s a much more sustainable method, and one that is better for your body.

I can’t wait to go out again on Thursday, but more importantly to keep this up for the long term. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but it’s felt like a random, far off dream that I’ll never end up doing. But if I keep up HIIT training I feel like it’s something that can definitely happen some time in the future.


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